There are lots of ways you can raise money to help some of the poorest communities in the world with SCIAF. We can only keep working with some of the world’s most vulnerable people thanks to your generosity. Every time you pop your change in the WEE BOX, run a 5K or take a bath in some baked beans, you’re playing your part.


Getting Sponsored

You can do pretty much anything as a sponsored event. No idea is too wacky. You could shave your teacher’s head or pop them in the stocks, just make sure you ask them first!

Our Fundraising A-Z poster might just give you a few ideas.


Why not...


download our sponsor forms to get started on the road to fundraising success:


SCIAF Sponsor form
WEE BOX Sponsor form


Why not...


ask your school, church, community group or club to let you pop up a poster? It’s a great way of letting people know what you’re up to and asking them for their support with your sponsorship total.


SCIAF Fundraisers

To help get you inspired, we thought you’d love to hear from other people who have given their all to bring in the pounds for SCIAF recently:

Beth Reid (St Andrews in Kirkcaldy) took part in a Lenten fast to fundraise

Jack Bauchup (St Modan’s in Stirling) tells us how his school raised money for Real Gifts

Hannah Martin (St Bridget’s in Ballieston) raised money for SCIAF by organising her very own ceilidh


They’ve made their fundraisers a big success for SCIAF. Why not join them with your own fundraising efforts, by yourself or in a team. Don’t forget to contact Schools Officer Mark Booker by emailing if you need any support. Good luck!

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