Beth Reid at St Andrew's RC High in Kirkcaldy

Beth Reid (S6) at St Andrew's RC High in Kirkcaldy, tells us why fasting for SCIAF helped created a sense of community at her school.

Last month, my school gave me the opportunity to take part in a 24 hour fast in aid of SCIAF. The aim of the fast was to mirror the lives of those in countries such as Africa and India where many people go days on end without food.

The opportunity to do the fast came around at a similar time to when I was being made aware of the IF campaign in RE. After learning about the IF campaign my friends and I were keen to help raise awareness of the campaign, setting up a stall we started to sell the IF bands. The IF campaign played a big role in my decision to do all I could to raise money for SCIAF.

During the fast, there was a great sense of community and togetherness as we were all there, doing it for the same reason. In the middle of the fast we attended a mass which reminded of the reason why we were doing the fast. During the mass we learnt of the terrible struggles of Burundi, and how us doing a 24 hour fast was nothing in comparison to what the people of Burundi face on a daily basis.

We then had a second mass in the last hour of the fast which allowed us to reflect on what we had achieved, not only in terms of raising money for SCIAF but for ourselves. The fast was a great way to allow us an insight to what life is like in struggling countries.
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