Jack Bauchup of St Modan’s in Stirling

Pupils at St Modan's in Stirling have been busy fundraising for SCIAF. Earlier this year pupils at St Modan’s High School in Stirling handed over a cheque for £1,100 to SCIAF. The funds were raised by holding several events and activities.

Below 3rd year pupil, Jack Bauchup explains what they did to raise the money:

Having heard about the fantastic work SCIAF does to help support some of the poorest people in the world, our school decided to do our best to help them in their efforts. In our class we held a cake and candy sale to raise money. We were one of many classes in St Modan's which were holding various events and activities to help SCIAF.

With the money my class raised we decided to buy a pig, a sheep and a goat from SCIAFs "Real gifts" shop. The SCIAF website informed us that the animals could provide milk, wool, food and potential income for poor families. It was great to get the "Thanks you" letters from SCIAF back to our school - they made us feel that we were really making a difference to peoples' lives.

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