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  •  17 September 2013
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Nyambe Masialeti is 9 years old. He lives in Kaunga Mashi village in Zambia. Zambia is a country right in the middle of Africa. In 2003, a terrible drought affected many countries in Africa. This meant there was no rain for the crops. Millions of people across Africa were going hungry and help was needed quickly to prevent a famine. Thanks to supporters, SCIAF was able to send emergency supplies to help Nyambe and 80,000 others in Zambia.




Kaunga Mashi village where Nyambe lives is normally a green and fertile place. In November 2003 the farmers planted their precious seeds as normal. They expected the rains to come soon. The rains didn't come on time and much of the seed died. Seed costs a lot of money and Nyambe's family, like other poor families, had no money to buy more seed. This meant they would have no food to eat for the coming year. Climate change is making it harder for poor farmers to know when to plant seeds. This means hunger and famine will be more common in the future.


Food and seeds

Thanks to our supporters, SCIAF was able to send £400,000 to help people in the Shang'ombo region of Zambia where Nyambe lives. Nyambe's village is in a very remote part of the country and it takes 3 days to get to the nearest city. The roads are very bad too. This made it difficult to get emergency supplies to those in need. Thanks to our supporters, SCIAF was able to send 50 trucks of food and seeds to help those in need. This prevented hunger and meant farmers could plant crops again.


His day


Thanks to the help of SCIAF supporters, Nyambe is able to continue with life as normal. There's still a lot of hard work to do around the farm. Nyambe would normally get up at about 5am, feed the chickens and chop wood for the fire. He is luckier than most since he goes to school but still has a long walk there and back each day.


Training farmers

Farmers like Nyambe's family always worry about not having enough food. They grow just  enough food to survive each year and their crops can fail if the rains are late or early. SCIAF is training farmers in Zambia on how to grow crops even where there is drought. Nyambe's family now grow beans and maize together. This helps both crops grow better, showing fewer instances of certain diseases and means their grain store is now full. Thanks to this training many farmers are much better off and will be able to grow plenty of food even when there's another drought.

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