St Blane's Primary in Blantyre take action!

  •  Posted by Jack Fagan
  •  5 June 2014

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My name is Jack Fagan and I am a pupil at St Blane’s Primary school. Here at St Blane’s, we are very passionate about helping others, especially those who are less fortunate than us.


During our school year we participate in various initiatives and fundraisers for local, national and international charities to help us foster our sense of local, national and global citizenship.


As part of our Lenten activities, our Primary 7 class chose to sign up and take part in SCIAF’s Take Action project and this allowed us to put our faith into practice and make a small change to our lives that, when we all combine our efforts, can make a big difference to the lives of others.

Take Action allowed us to help others in a fun and enjoyable manner and we all tried our hardest to keep our promise. In addition to this, it helped us to learn about and try new things such as preparing and tasting new foods on “Meat Free Mondays” and trying out new games, sports and activities on “Go Unplugged” days.


As pupils we are very proud of what we have achieved as a school community here at St. Blane’s and to allow us to continue to do this, the Primary 7 class shared their Take Action story with everyone across the school to inspire them to take part as well.


As well as this, we raise money for SCIAF during Lent by participating in various activities. Some of the events we take part in are crazy hair day, which is when you can style your hair any way you want; fun day, which is when you can go around the school doing fun activities throughout the school and many more.


The image shows our primary 7 class joined by teacher Miss Clemments and SCIAF schools officer Mark Booker.

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