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  •  16 September 2013
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St Francis Xavier’s Primary in Falkirk started their Lenten campaign earlier than most schools by helping SCIAF with the WEE BOX press launch at our offices in Glasgow. With the same enthusiasm shown at the launch event, they continued this with various sponsored events and raised a massive £7,100!!!

They also spent time focusing on the country of Burundi and how the money they raised would be used to help more families receive the help they need to support themselves in the future.

Amazing work and a great encouragement to all those at SCIAF.

Pupils and Gillian McGoldrick (P7 teacher) give their reaction:

It feels great to know we have helped people who are less fortunate than us.  – Holly Ferguson
It was so much fun learning about SCIAF and Developing Countries. -  Murron Dennis
We are all so proud that our school raised over £7,000.  -  Christopher McCluskey
All the Primary 7 children in St Francis Xavier’s worked so hard during Lent to help the people of Burundi.  Their dedication and achievement surpassed my expectations! – Gillian McGoldrick

St Francis Xavier

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