"Wee People" Project at John Ogilvie High

  •  Posted by Mrs F Tiffney
  •  8 April 2014



As part of our SCIAF project unit on Nicaragua, it is important that the pupils understand raising money, although important, is not the only way to help other people.



The pupils are aware that during Lent all the money raised from S4, S5 and S6 is going directly to help our Familias Especiales project in Nicaragua.


I contacted Sister Rebecca at Familias Especiales and asked her if she would be willing to send me the names of her pupils and staff; she agreed. All names were printed, laminated and cut in to strips so the pupils could choose, at random, a name. They were then asked to pray for that person during Lent. During Religious Education lessons the pupils were given the opportunity to pray for their prayer partner.    


To engage and motivate the pupils, they were given a “wee person” to colour in any way they wished.  They wrote the name of their prayer person on the back and were encouraged to take a photo of the name with their phones or write it in their homework diaries to aid memory.   


The Wee people were cut out, laminated and displayed around the school leading to the Oratory.  In the Oratory they culminated in a heart, reminding the pupils that prayer is at the heart of our school because prayer changes things.  


Sr Rebecca asked if I could send some names of pupils from John Ogilvie High School and they would also pray for us. Many pupils in my school appreciated that the community of Familias Especiales were praying for our school community.


We have also received some paper bags that have been recycled by the project and then hand painted.  We will sell them and send the money to the project.

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